Are you eligible for an ltac?

Are you eligible for an LTAC Hospital?

This criteria screening tool is very useful when determining proper post-acute placement. It should be considered for patients with a length of stay greater than 4 days. Any answer in the yes column indicates the patient is appropriate for a LTACH evaluation.
Can you or a patient answer Yes to any of the following questions?

Does the patient have multi-system failure?
Is the patient dependent upon a ventilator?
Does the patient have stage 3 or 4 decubitus?
Does the patient require rehab but is unable to tolerate 3 hours of therapy daily?
Has the patient been denied rehab admission?
Is the patient’s rehab compromised by acute medical issues?
Does the patient suffer from uncontrolled, medically complicated diabetes?
Does the patient have a history of multiple readmits to the short term acute and is the patient at risk for medical complications?

Does the patient currently have the following requirements or conditions:

Extensive wound care/potential for flaps, or future surgeries.
Long Term IV and antibiotic
Dysphagia management
Renal dialysis
Upper airway management, Tracheostomy with complications or extensive respiratory care.
Pain management
Intensive nursing care