Patients and Families


Making the right choice

We understand the importance of choosing a facility for you or a loved one. We go great lengths to make that decision a clear one.

Deciding the best way to care for a loved one is a delicate decision. Bearing the responsibility for the care of your loved one is a serious matter. One that can be overwhelming, full of worry and exhausting for everyone. We, like you, feel that the right choice is to move forward with what is best for the person in need and most often professional care is the best care you can give them.

Thoughts of moving our loved ones into a long-term acute care hospital triggers worries of what they may think of the transition. It is so important to weigh that against the responsibilities that long-term care requires. Consider the impact of 24/7 medical oversight with structured routines, medication delivery, therapeutic and social interactions.

Take comfort knowing that your loved ones will be treated like our family and be given the medical attention they need.